Tidio Notifications
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Tidio Notifications

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Adjust the notifications settings available in the Tidio admin panel to never miss a message from your customer.

In this article, you'll learn:

Types of notifications

You can set up the Tidio notifications for the Web Page panel, Mobile App &  Desktop App. We differentiate the following notification types:

New Chat Requests  

Notifies you about all new chats started by your website visitors. All the new chats are visible in the unassigned folder inside the Tidio conversation panel. 

New Messages 

Notifies you about all new messages sent to you by your website visitors. 

Incoming Visitors 

Notifies you about new visitors entering your website. 

Notify Operators 

Notifies you about actions made by your website visitors in the chatbot's flow. This notification can be set up in the chatbot's creator using the Notify Operators action.

Email Notifications 

It gives you an option to receive all the chat conversations to your email address during your offline mode. To learn more, check out our article about Offline Email Notifications

See how to set up each notification for different devices below.

Web Panel Notifications

Web Notifications

To set your Tidio Web Panel notifications, head over to the Settings > Notifications section in your Tidio Admin panel.


In the Notifications section of your Tidio admin panel, you can set up the; New chat request notifications, New message notifications, and Incoming Visitor notifications.

You can check if the pop-up and sound notifications are working in your web browser using the send a test notification button above the notification settings. If you are experiencing any problems with the notifications, look at our troubleshooting article on web browser notifications.

Offline Email Notifications

To start receiving the offline email notifications - check the boxes under the email column in the Settings > Notifications section. The offline email notification option allows you to receive your website visitors' inquiries directly to your email when you're logged out or set to Offline in your Tidio panel. 

In the offline email notifications, there is a 5 minutes delay time which is counted from the last message received. This is made to avoid sending you all the messages in separate emails. Instead, the system will collect all those chat messages that have been written on the chat and send them to you in just one mail 🙂

The email notifications are always sent to the email address you used to create a Tidio account. Suppose you would like to add an additional email to keep receiving emails to another personal email address. In that case, you can enable the Forward email notification option and add different emails manually.

If you would like to learn more, look at our offline email notifications article. 

Tidio Mobile App

You can set up the notifications for your Tidio Mobile app by heading over to the Settings > Notifications section of the mobile app and making sure the notifications are enabled. 

If you enabled the notification but still experiencing some problems, open our notification troubleshooting center in the Settings > Notification of your Tidio mobile app. 


The phone will automatically run a test for you, and in case of any incorrect settings on your mobile device, the app will navigate you to the correct section to adjust them. 

You can also request the test manually by clicking on the Send a Test Message button or opening our Help Center to find more troubleshooting steps for each mobile device

Tidio Desktop App

You can download our Tidio desktop app on your Windows and Mac computers. We explain how to download the Tidio desktop app in more detail in our article about desktop app installation

Once you have your Tidio desktop app installed, setting up the notification for the desktop app is similar to setting up your notifications in the web browser panel. 

To set your Tidio desktop app notifications, head over to the Settings > Notifications section in your Tidio desktop app. The settings in our desktop app are similar to our web panel settings. 

You can check if the pop-up and sound notifications are working on your desktop app by using the send a test notification button above the notification settings.

System notification setting

Remember to allow the system notifications on your computer to receive the notifications. You can see how to do that for Mac and Windows users. 

If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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