Ticketing System
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Ticketing System

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This article explains how to start using our Tidio ticketing system. The ticketing system comes in handy when you or your agents need more time to resolve your visitors' queries. 

At this moment, the Tidio Ticketing system is only available for our beta testers. To join our early-adopters program - contact our Support team at support@tidio.net or via chat available in the Tidio panel.

Ticketing System Benefits

Manage your Time

Move time-consuming conversations to tickets to save the efforts of handling the complaints, queries, and requests via chats. Change tickets' statuses & keep your inbox squeaky clean.

Create an Omnichannel Support

Offer your customers more ways to interact with you. Omnichannel support connects the experiences across different channels, making the customer experience completely seamless. 

Set Priorities for Your Tickets

Assign the priority to the tickets based on the SLA policy.

Cooperate With Your Colleagues

Assign the tickets to the team members who are best-suited to handle them. For example, a ticket with pricing questions can be assigned to an agent with relevant sales expertise. Create a team of ticket owners responsible for resolving them in the shortest turnaround time. 

Add Notes to Improve Communication 

Help your coworkers out by sending them notes regarding the case.

Connect your Mail Box

To start using the ticketing system, you'll need to connect your mailbox first. You can connect your mailbox by heading to Settings > Channels > Email section in your Tidio admin panel. You can read more on how to add your external mailbox in our article about Forwarding emails to Tidio

If you have the mailbox connected already, skip this step. All the emails that arrive in your external mailbox will create a ticket in Tidio. You can find all new tickets in the Unassigned folder. 

Manage Tickets

Tickets Folders

All the tickets forwarded to your Tidio mailbox will be shown in the Unassigned folder with the status Open. 

Next to the tickets, you'll see the following information: 

  • ticket's subject
  • email address
  • priority of the ticket
  • creation date
  • last update time
  • ticket ID
  • assigned operator 

Click on the chosen ticket to open its panel. On the right-hand side of the panel, you can change the status, priority, and assignee of the ticket. 

Below the typing window, you can also choose to add an internal note, visible only for the operators handling the ticket.

Create a ticket

To create your first ticket, click on Add your first ticket manually (when no tickets were forwarded to your mailbox) or click on the Create a ticket button. 


Inside the ticket creation view, you can specify:

Ticket Subject

A summary of the ticket content in the form of a short sentence

Customer Email Address 

The email address of the person who will receive the email

Priority of the Ticket 

You can set the priority to Low, Normal, Urgent. 


An operator responsible for handling the ticket) 

Ticket Message Text

Content of the email

Internal Notes 

Private messages customers will not see. Internal notes are visible only for the operators handling the case.


To send the email - click on the blue Submit drop-down menu to choose the correct status of the email. You can send the email as:


The default status for all the new tickets created. If an operator is assigned, the assigned operator will see the email in the My Open folder. If no operator is assigned, the ticket will show up in the All Open and Unassigned section. 


Pending status means you are awaiting a response from the customer. When the customer writes back - the status changes automatically to Open status.


This status means the ticket got closed, and you're not waiting for more responses from the customer. The ticket will appear in the Open folder if the customer writes back. 

Create a ticket from Chat

You can also create a new ticket from the chat conversation panel. To create a ticket during your chat conversation - click on the Add a ticket option on your right-side chat panel. 

You'll see a window allowing you to create a new Ticket. The system will automatically fill in the email address of the visitor. 

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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