Bots Launcher
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Bots Launcher

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To make the chat start with a short introduction by your Bot, you can set up a launcher that can show all of the possible Bot scenarios, so the Visitor can choose the question they want to ask. 

In this article, you'll learn:

How to Use Bots Launcher

The Bots Launcher can consist of a text message, an image/gif, and the automatic scenarios you currently have added in the Manage panel (they will show as clickable buttons).

The "Visitor clicks the bots button" button

The bots launcher will be visible in two scenarios:

  • When you don't have any bots, that pop up automatically. Like Welcome message, or Lead generation bot, for example - and you enable the Bots launcher. The Visitor will see the 'Get Started' button in place of the text area. So instead of being able to write to you, the customer would need to launch the bots 

  • The bots launcher also triggers when you have a bot with Visitor clicks the bots button (node) added. The Visitor needs to click on the bots button then:

Bots Launcher editing section


For the Chatbot to appear as a selectable option in the Launcher, you need to add a 'Visitor clicks the bots button' trigger in the editor, making it one of the starting points on the grid.

The trigger also allows you to name the button – this is what the Visitor will see in the Launcher's list.

The 'Visitor clicks the bots button' trigger the editing window


Another option of our Bots Launcher system is the Transfer to operator message. It will trigger when the Bot has finished its work with the Visitor, and the conversation is about to be sent to t operator. You can enable, disable, or edit it here:

Where the "Transfer to operator message" is located


The text of that message can be changed through the clickable "here" button. Once clicked on, it will open a panel allowing to adjust the message there:

After Saving the changes, the message will appear in its new form.


If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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