Schedule Your Mailing Campaign
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Schedule Your Mailing Campaign

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See how to schedule the exact date when your email campaign will be sent to your recipients. 

In this article, you'll learn:

Scheduled campaigns give you and your business more freedom to reach your audience at a perfect time. Imagine taking the day off and enjoying yourself with your loved ones, while the email campaign reminds people about your business - even if you're not around. 

Is there a limit to the number of scheduled campaigns?

Here's some fantastic news for you. You can schedule your email campaign even on the free Basic plan, without any limitations regarding the amount of such campaigns. There is also no limit for the number of contacts you can address your email campaign to (but make sure that your monthly Email Marketing limit will cover the number of campaign recipients). 

Our system will collect your email quota (from the 'contacts limit' for Email Marketing) only once the campaign is sent to your contacts.

We will not freeze your quota before our system actually starts sending the emails to your recipients. The quota will be collected from the billing cycle for which the email campaign is planned. 

A company that uses Tidio email marketing subscribes to the paid 3k contacts plan on August 15th. Their quota refreshes on the 15th day of each month. In September, the company started to plan amazing Black Friday deals for their customers, but they scheduled their email campaign for November 20th. In this scenario, the email campaign's quota will be taken from the November billing cycle, as the limit refreshes on November 15th.

How to schedule your email campaign in Tidio?

If your emails are ready and you would like to schedule the campaign for a specific date – head over to the 'Send' step in the email campaign editing tool.

the Email Marketing tool in your Tidio admin panel


Now, you can choose a specific time by entering the exact date and time when the email campaign should be sent.

Step 3 in the email campaign editing tool allows you to schedule the campaign for a specific date


The duration of delivery of all emails depends on the number of recipients. In the case of several thousand recipients, it may even take several hours for the email campaign to be delivered.


Once you've set everything up, move onto the last step in the Email Marketing tool - 'Send'. Click on the green' schedule now' button and you will be asked to confirm your campaign. Please make sure that the date is set correctly!

The last step of the email editing tool, if you decide to schedule your email campaign for a specific date


Once you confirm the campaign by clicking on the 'OK, Schedule' button - your email campaign will be sent to your recipients on the planned date. 

Our system will ask you to review the date - if it's correct, click on the 'OK, Schedule' button to confirm everything.


All done! Your email campaign is now scheduled and you can relax while our system takes care of the rest  ✉️

Can I cancel or delete a scheduled email campaign?

Scheduled campaigns can be deleted and/or cancelled at any time in the Email Marketing > Regular Campaigns > Scheduled section before the scheduled date. If you choose the 'cancel' option - the campaign will be saved as a draft. However, if you decide to delete the campaign - the campaign will be fully erased from your 'all campaign' list and will not be available to retrieve. 

How to cancel or delete your scheduled email campaign in the Tidio Email Marketing tool 



We hope scheduling your campaigns will help you discover new ways for improving your business! 📈

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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