Premium Features in Tidio
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Premium Features in Tidio

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If you enjoy using Tidio on the free plan, you will enjoy it even more with the premium plans & features. Tidio's upgrades can expand the capabilities of your account by giving you access to new functionalities. 

In this article, you'll learn:

See a quick summary of our plans; check out our pricing page.

Starter Plan

  • 3 operators included (add more for an additional fee, max 5 operators) 
  • 2000 triggers monthly chatbots limit (ability to add more triggers for an additional fee) 

Multichannel Tool

Manage all conversations in one place and never miss another message. Connect Instagram and Facebook Messenger with Tidio to start handling all strategic communication in one place - our Tidio panel. 

Customer Support Metrics

Track your team's progress and see how live chat impacts your business with the customer support metrics. Head over to our analytics article to learn more. 

Live Visitors List

Get a real-time overview of all your website or store visitors. See what they are interested in. The live Visitors list shows you all the people currently browsing your website. Here, it is possible to begin chatting with a selected visitor proactively. Furthermore, the list will show you some primary data and the page they're currently on.

Check out our article about the Visitors list to learn more. 

Live Typing

The Live Typing preview allows you to see your visitor's messages as they're being typed in real-time. This way, you can think of a reply before the visitor even sends their question. 

You can see what your website's visitor is writing in real-time.

Finding yourself in pressing situations with more than one client at once can be stressful. Live Typing will give you more time to think and pleasantly surprise your clients with quicker replies.

Team Plan

  • 5 operators included (add more for an additional fee, max 10 operators) 
  • 15 000 triggers monthly chatbots limit (ability to add more triggers for an additional fee) 

All features from the Starter plan + extra features described below:

Canned Responses

Prepare replies to the most frequent questions in advance and instantly support your customers. You can prepare short messages, links, or even entire articles in your database and call upon them anytime during a chat.

Viewed Pages

Track your visitors. See which pages of your website they browse and personalize your communication. The Viewed Pages history displays the most recent page accessed by the visitor within your website (as long as Tidio is installed there). This allows you to identify what the visitor is browsing, like a particular product page. The list also includes a timestamp for the specific page's visit.

While supporting a visitor, it is best to know what they're seeing. With the Viewed Pages list, you can track their journey through your website and precisely understand where they have been. This makes your assistance more direct, and you don't need to ask that many questions. 


Allow your operators to save notes about customers and make collaboration within your team even easier. Visitors' notes allow you to add notes and comments to the chat conversations with your website visitors. That way, you can include important information about the customer, which may be later helpful for the next operators. 

Scale Plan

  • Unlimited operators 
  • Unlimited chatbots triggers

Custom Roles 

Decide who can do what in your team. Assign permissions to specific roles. As a project owner, you can restrict your operators' access to some sections of the Tidio account.

1on1 onboarding 

Our expert will help you set up Tidio and make sure everything works fine.

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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