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See how to use permissions in your Tidio account. As a project owner, you have an option to restrict your operators' access to some sections of the Tidio account.

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As a project owner of a Tidio account, you can set up custom permissions for each of your operators, but to make this decision easier, we created three predefined roles that you can pick up from:


The highest permission set. With this permission, operators have access to all the options and sections.


With this role, operators have access to most of the options but with some slight limitations. Moderator can't: Manage Operators, Delete Contacts, Delete Conversations.

Chat Agent

The simplest role is dedicated to the operators who will only reply to conversations without accessing the Tidio settings panel.

Below, you can see a more detailed list of permissions you can set for your operators.

Adding an Operator

You can choose the predefined roles for the operators when adding an operator in the Settings > Operators > Add an operator section.

Permission setting for a new operator

At this stage, you are unable to choose the custom role. However, that can be changed once the operator is added to the operators' list.

Changing permissions

You can change each operator's permissions in the Settings > Operators section of your Tidio admin panel. 

You will also have an option to set custom permissions for each operator. To enter the customization panel, click on the edit permission button next to the operator's details on the right-hand side.

Custom Operator Permissions

In the Custom Operator Permissions section, you will be able to change permissions for specific sections and areas of the Tidio panel.

Custom Operator Permissions section


While setting up the custom permissions, you can see the following options:

  • Block Permissions - The operator will not see the chosen section, or its permission to enter this section will be blocked by displaying the message; the operator doesn't have permission to enter this section.

A blocked permission message will be displayed when an operator tries to open a restricted section.


  • Able to View - Gives the operator a preview of the section or settings, but the operator will not change the settings.

Example of a section with only 'able to view' permission. The editing option is blocked for this specific operator. 


  • Able to Edit - An operator will see and make changes in the section or settings.


In the Settings tab, you can change permissions to:

  • Manage Operators 
  • Billing
  • Project Preferences
  • Widget Appearance
  • Integrations
  • Project Reports

In the Conversations & Contacts tab, you can change permissions to:

  • Delete contacts
  • Delete conversations
  • Export contacts


In the Sections Access tab, you can change permissions to:

  • Chatbots

If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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