Integration with Messenger
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Integration with Messenger

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See all the possibilities that the integration with Facebook Messenger offers.  

In this article, you'll learn:

Integrate Tidio with Messenger

To integrate your Tidio account with Facebook Messenger, go to the Settings > Channels > Facebook Messenger section in your Tidio panel and click on the blue Connect your Facebook account button to integrate your Tidio account with the Facebook Messenger app. 


You'll now see a window with the integration steps. Log in to your Facebook account and choose the page you would like to integrate with Tidio.


You'll also be asked about your Facebook page permissions. All permissions are required for the integration to work correctly. 


In the next step, you will see a message that the Facebook Page is now linked to Tidio. Click ok, and in the next window, save the changes to confirm the integration. 


That is all! Your Facebook account is now integrated with Tidio!  If you had a problem connecting Tidio with your Facebook account - please try our troubleshooting at the end of this article.

Answer to Messenger Chats at Tidio

Start handling all crucial communication channels in one place, our Tidio panel, and reduce the number of open tabs in your browser. 

To check whether your Facebook account was successfully integrated with Tidio, go to your Facebook page (from your personal, separate account, or friend's account) and click on the Message button to start a conversation or find your company in the messenger chat.


Send a message, just like a regular Messenger user would, and a new notification will show in your Tidio panel. Open the chat, and Messenger will be chosen as a default communication channel. 

When you answer, the message will be immediately visible in the visitor's Messenger window, just as if you've sent it from your own Messenger account.


Create Messenger Bots

To create a bot for your Facebook page, you will have to use the Bots Launcher tool. The Bots Launcher tool is located in the Chatbots section. Open the Welcome message tab situated below the Bots Launcher section to access it.


Bots Launcher section

On December 16th, 2020, Facebook introduced restrictions on Messenger API usage – to comply with privacy guidelines from the European Union. The changes to the Messenger API also mean some changes to the way you use the Tidio integration with Facebook Messenger and the bots you can build.

You can edit & adjust the automated message sent by the bot by clicking on the text window and adjusting it to your own needs. You can keep or delete the dancing bot's gif as well.  

Edit the automated message

If you would like to add another text or image, click on the blue Add button in the circle (below the bot's gif).


Custom buttons - Messenger bot

You can also add custom bots by clicking on the add bot button. By clicking on that button -  you will go to the bot's visual editor, where automatically, the bot with the Visitor clicks the bots button trigger will be added. 


To add the name of that button which will be visible inside the Messenger's bot - click on the trigger's icon to edit it.


The bot will work similarly to the FAQ bot.

Triggers that work inside the Bots Launcher Facebook bot:

  • Visitor clicks the bots button
  • Visitor Says
  • The Operator doesn't respond during the conversation
  • The operator doesn't take the conversation 

You can learn more about them by checking our article about the triggers

Now, let's see an example. We added the Visitor clicks the bots button trigger to the bot so, when someone clicks on the get started button inside the Messenger window  - the visitor will see the bot with the decision buttons. The visitor can now choose which bot to trigger next. 


Take a look at how it looks on the visitor's site in the Messenger window:


When a visitor clicks on the Learn More button - a bot that we have created above (with the Visitor clicks the bots button) will show up. 



If you see the error message: Facebook API Couldn't be loaded - please, try to integrate Tidio with Facebook on Chrome as this is a common Firefox issue. 

If you still see that error,  follow the steps below:

1. Go to Facebook > Settings & Privacy > Privacy Center > Facebook > Facebook settings > Business Integration
2. Remove Tidio from the list
3. Reauthorise Messenger integration in Tidio again.

Learn more and take a look at our case study: How a social enterprise used the chat to boost ticket sales via Facebook.

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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