Manage Multiple Projects
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Manage Multiple Projects

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Tidio allows you to create multiple projects under the same account (email address used to log in), making it easier to manage chats for numerous websites. 

In this article, you'll learn:

This does not apply to Wix-based websites. Each Wix-based website requires you to use a new Tidio account that is dedicated to that one website. We have explained it more in our article on installing the Tidio chat widget on WIX-based websites.

Add a new project

Each project in Tidio has an independent configuration, settings, and widget, but you can use the same email address to log in and quickly switch between the projects. 

Adding a new project is simple; click on your avatar in the top-right and hit the Add project button. This will allow you to create a new project.

Please be aware that paid subscriptions are per project & notifications work only on the current project you're logged into.


Configure a new project

After adding a project, you'll see a tour that allows you to set up a project. You will be asked for your website URL, name, avatar, etc. This step helps you personalize the widget, the same as you did when installing Tidio for the first time.

Configuring new projects


After the configuration, you'll need to install the widget on your website. 

Install project on your website

Implementing the project
Installing the new project


Click on the platform name to see the instructions for installation. Remember to install the code via the alternative javascript code method. If you don't see your platform listed - choose the JavaScript code instruction. 

Switch between projects

Once you're done configuring and installing your project, you will get access to your new Tidio Dashboard. From there, you can manage the Conversations, Appearance, and all the other settings for that particular project (same as you did for your original project).

Click on your avatar in the top-right and open the projects list to switch the project & choose the project you'd like to log into.

The page will refresh, and you'll be transferred to the chosen project.

Delete a project

To entirely delete your Tidio project, you need to be a project owner of the account and make sure you're logged in to the project you wish to delete. 

To delete the project, head over to the Settings > Project & Billing > Preferences section, where you'll see a red delete project button. 

 By clicking on the delete project button, you'll delete the whole project from our database. 

Edit project name 

To edit a project name, log in to the correct project and head over to the Settings > Project & Billing > Preferences section. You can edit the project name in the URL field. 

The URL name will be visible for your customers in the footer of the emails sent from Tidio.

If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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