Integration with Klaviyo
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Integration with Klaviyo

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See how to integrate Tidio with your Klaviyo account and add subscribers to your Klaviyo list.

In this article, you'll learn: 

Currently, the integration with Klayviyo is only available for our beta testers and a chosen group of users. To join our early-adopters program - contact our Support team at 

How to integrate Tidio with Klaviyo

Open your Tidio admin panel. Go to Settings > General > Integrations section and click on the Klaviyo tile.

Now, create a new connection by selecting New connection (green bracket).

Now you need to authenticate the connection with the API key from Klaviyo. In order to get the unique API key: 

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account
  2. Go to the Account option in your profile
  3. Select Settings and then API Keys
  4. Press Create Private API Key
  5. Reveal the newly-created API Key, then copy and paste it when creating a new connection in Tidio

Paste the API key into Tidio's new authentication window and click Create. Now your authentication with Klaviyo is done.

In the next step, you'll need to provide Klaviyo’s List ID to which new subscribers will be added. To get the List ID:

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account
  2. Go to Lists and Segments
  3. Select a list and click Settings
  4. Under the heading List ID & Name you'll find the list ID written in bold
  5. Copy the List ID to later paste it into the field labeled List ID in Tidio

Paste the List ID in Tidio and click on the Finish button. 


Remember! Tidio integration allows adding subscribers to a single list only.

You are all set. Your integration with Klaviyo is ready. Now you can add new subscribers from Tidio to Klaviyo.

How to add new subscribers from Tidio to Klaviyo

You can add new subscribers from Tidio to Klaviyo in three ways: 

  • Via Pre-Chat Survey
  • Via a manual status update
  • Via Chatbot (coming soon)

Let's see how each of them works. 

Pre Chat Survey

When you have the Pre-Chat Survey enabled and a user provides their email address and communication consent (newsletter subscription), the email will be automatically added to your Klaviyo list.

Manual status update

You can change a user’s subscriber status manually in the visitor's details tab or contact list. When you change it to Subscribed, we will pass the user's email to Klaviyo.

Chatbot (coming soon)

You can also add subscribers to Klaviyo using a chatbot and the Subscribe for Mailing node. When you collect an email address using such a chatbot, we pass it automatically to your Klaviyo list.


Remember! Klaviyo lists are double opt-in by default. That means a confirmation email is sent to the subscriber's email address whenever you try adding them to your list. You get a new subscriber in Klaviyo only if that user confirms their sign-up. You can change that in your Klaviyo’s list settings.

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