Install Tidio on Shopify
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Install Tidio on Shopify

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Learn how to install and activate the Tidio Chat on your Shopify Store. 

In this article, you'll learn:

Tidio widget can be installed on your website via only one installation method - the plugin or the javascript code.

Install Tidio via Shopify plugin 

The best way to install Tidio Chat in your Shopify store is by our official plugin available in Shopify App Market. 

To install Tidio on Shopify, log into your Shopify account and select the store to which you would like to add Tidio. Next, click on the Apps tab and choose Visit Shopify App Store. 


Search for Tidio inside the search bar and select Tidio Live Chat from the results.

Click on the Add app button to download Tidio Chat to your Shopify store.


Select the Install App button on the page that follows. That will transfer you to your Tidio Chat panel where you can customize your chat. 


All set. Tidio Chat is installed! 

The following steps will take you to your admin panel, where you can customize your chat widget. 

Log into & configure the Tidio Chat Panel

You will be immediately taken to what we call a "Starting Tour."

Here, you can edit the basic appearance of your chat widget and specify your goals.  You'll be also asked to fill in some details about your business. If you get a warning that your email is already in use, please get in touch with our support team on chat. We'll help you sort it out. 

After the tour, our chat will be ready to use on your website. Use the preview option to see the widget on your site. Your customers can now write to you on chat!


Activate Tidio App in Shopify

After installing the Tidio App, you need to make the widget visible for visitors to your website.


You will make the Tidio widget visible by opening your Shopify admin panel and going to Online Store > Themes section. There, find the theme you want to edit, and click Customize.


Now, click on Theme settings and open the App embeds tab. Select the Tidio Chat Widget or click the Search bar and enter Tidio Chat Widget to search through your installed apps. Next to the app embed name, you can see the toggle. Make sure the toggle is switched ON.

To finalize the changes, click SAVE, and the Tidio Chat Widget will be published on your store.

Please note that you'll need to activate the Tidio chat widget each time you switch the theme.

Alternative - Install Tidio via javascript code

If you wish to use Tidio with an existing account - this is the option for you! Shopify-exclusive bots and automation will still work correctly, although you will not be able to upgrade your plan via Shopify - only directly via the Tidio panel. 

You can add an existing project to your Shopify website by adding the chat manually. If you want to transfer your chat from another website to Shopify, please copy the code snippet from your chat panel. You can find this in the Settings > Channels > Installation section.

After clicking on the Installation section, please find the correct platform and copy the JavaScript code to your clipboard.

In Shopify, in the Themes section, you will find the Actions menu. Click on it and select the Edit code option from the list.

Choose the theme.liquid file under the Layout folder and paste the code from above, right before the closing </body> tag. The screenshot below will help you find this. 

Please remember to save the changes and refresh your website when you finish.


If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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