Create an FAQ Bot
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Create an FAQ Bot

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An FAQ bot can answer the most frequent inquiries that your visitors may have. Your website visitors will click on the question, and the bot will provide the necessary answers. 

In this article, you'll learn:

You can add the FAQ bot to your automation with the First Visit on Site trigger or can be created separately with another trigger, depending on when you want your visitors to see the questions.

See our video where we explain how to build your own FAQ bot:

Ready to use FAQ bot template

Our ready-to-use FAQ bot template is available to all of our customers. You can find the FAQ template in the Chatbots panel under the Enhance communication template section of your Tidio account. Depending on the industry of your business - it will be called a FAQ bot for Online stores, Restaurant, etc. 


Create own FAQ bot

To create the FAQ bot from scratch, head over to the Chatbots section (the bot icon on the menu on the left side) and select the +Add from scratch option.

Choose the Trigger

Once you enter the chatbot's editing panel, you'll be asked to choose a trigger. The trigger is the node that begins the path of the bot. We recommend using the First Visit on Site trigger to display the bot for every new person who will visit your site. 

For more information about our nodes used to build the bots, please head over to our cheat sheet for bots and nodes, where all of them are explained in greater detail).

Add Questions

Once you have your trigger chosen - add the Decision (quick replies) action to display the questions you wish to address. When you pick and drag the node from the list to the editing grid, it will connect to your trigger automatically. 

Now, edit the content of the Decision (quick replies) node on the right-hand editing modal. You can place the most common questions that you wish to address in the Add quick reply section.


  • In section 1 - type the message that the visitor should see before they pick the topic.
  • In section2 -  add the question to which the bot will send an answer when the visitor chooses it. 
  • With + Add quick reply, you can add more questions. 

Add Answers 

Close the Decision (quick replies) node, editing modal, and from the list of actions, drag as many Send a chat message nodes as you have questions onto the editing grid. When you finish it, drag an arrow to each node, as shown in the gif below. 

Connect the Decision (Quick Replies) action to 'send a chat message' action with the answer for your questions and topics


The moment each of the Send a chat message nodes has a question assigned to them, you can begin writing the answers to the questions inside each of those nodes. 

You can also use our helpfulness metric to measure whether your website visitors found the answers helpful. 

Now, when the bot is ready, you can save & activate the bot on your website in the top right corner of the editing panel. 

Learn more by checking our article with best practices & 12 inspiring tips for chatbots designs.

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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