Integration with Google Analytics
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Integration with Google Analytics

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See how to integrate Tidio with Google Analytics to track the events listed in this article. 

In this article, you'll learn:

If you are using Google Tag Manager - you might need to adjust some settings. Please, follow the Google Tag Manager Users part of this article. 

Enable GA in Tidio

To enable the integration with Google Analytics in Tidio, go to Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics section and click Add

If Google Analytics is installed correctly on your website - the integration will start working right away when the events are used.  

Types of tracked events

There are several different events that are tracked by the integration as soon as it's installed. Below are those you can expect to see in your Google Analytics account by going to Real-Time > Events

You can track the following events:

  • Automation starts chat 
  • Chat rated as bad 
  • Chat rated as good 
  • Chat started 
  • Fly message displayed 
  • Offline message 
  • Operator started the conversation
  • Pre-Chat Survey finished 
  • Pre-Chat Survey started 
  • Start the Bot 
  • Close the chat widget 
  • Mute notifications 
  • Click on the chat widget 
  • Visitor started the conversation 

Google Analytics Panel


Automation starts chat 

Automatic message initiates the conversation on chat (e.g. the "Welcome new visitors" bot's trigger), it skips the 'Operator started the conversation' and the 'Visitor started the conversation' events.

Chat was rated 'bad'

Visitor rates the chat as bad using the "Rate this conversation" option.

Chat was rated 'good'

Visitor rates the chat as good using the "Rate this conversation" option

Chat started

The conversation is started: Visitor or operator sends the first message in the chat (no other messages was sent before, no conversation with this visitor before)

Fly message displayed 

Visitor receives a message that is displayed in the popup preview (the "fly")

Offline message 

Visitor contacts you while the chat is offline (you are during your Offline hours) and the visitor receives the offline message

Operator started the conversation

Operator initiates the conversation on chat (can only trigger once for the given conversation),  it skips the 'Visitor started the conversation' 

Pre-Chat Survey finished

Visitor fills out the Pre-Chat Survey (you have to enable the Pre-Chat Survey feature in the Channels section for this event to work)

Pre-Chat Survey started

The Pre-Chat Survey pops up for the visitor when they attempt to contact you (you have to enable the Pre-Chat Survey feature in the Channels section for this event to work)

Start the Bot 

Visitor clicks the "Robot" button in the widget

Close the chat widget 

Visitor minimises the chat widget

Mute notifications

Visitor disables the sound notifications using the "Turn off notifications" option

Click on the chat widget 

When Visitor expands the chat widget.

The visitor started the conversation

Visitor initiates the conversation on chat (can only trigger once for the given conversation),  this will skip the 'Operator started the conversation'

Google Tag Manager Users

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you may need to adjust a setting in one of the default tags. This should be done to send events to Google Analytics.

Open your Google Tag Manager workspace, proceed to the Tags section and open the Universal Analytics tag.

Adding Universal Analytics Tag

After adding the Universal Analytics Tag, please make sure you have integrated your tag with Google Analytics. That should be done under the Google Analytics settings.   


Later on, set the track type as an Event and mark the Enable overriding settings in this tag option as checked. If you choose the event category, the fields such as category, action, label, value can be left blank. 

Now, please scroll down to the Advanced Configuration section and look for the option Set tracker name to set it to True.


In the end, set up triggering and save the tag in the upper right corner. This will ensure that the chat appears in live time Events.

In the tag manager, submit the changes and wait to see the results 📈


If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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