Going Offline
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Going Offline

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When you're offline in your Tidio panel, you can let your visitors know that you're not available at that very moment. Moreover, you can set up offline email notifications and not miss a chat with potential customers.

In this article, you'll learn:

Offline Widget Appearance 

The offline widget includes an offline status & offline message. The offline status shows at the top and allows you to display a brief note to let your customers know you are away or perhaps when they can expect a reply from you.

An offline message will trigger when a visitor attempts to initiate a conversation, asking your website visitors to leave their email address so you can follow up on the query even when they leave your website. That helps ensure that the website's visitors will always see an answer from you. 


You can personalize both - the offline status and the offline message in the Settings > Channels > Live Chat > Appearance in your Tidio Panel.

Changing Status to Offline

There are three ways of changing your status to offline (desktop & web app, mobile app & automatically). Let's go through all of them!

Desktop & Web App

To change the status inside your Tidio web panel or the desktop app - click on the avatar picture at the top right corner of the panel and choose an offline option from the expandable menu next to the bell icon. 

Mobile App

To change your status in the mobile app, go to the settings section and make sure the toggle next to the Offline status is turned off. 


Operating Hours Setup

To automatically switch the status, enable and adjust the Operator's Online hours to switch you between offline and online statuses at specified times. You can do that by going to Settings > Personal > Operating Hours.


Operating hours work based on your current time zone. Please make sure the correct time zone is set up at the bottom of the Operating Hours section.

To set up the hours when you are online, move the white circle and toggle it between the time you wish to be displayed online. 


To delete the time frame and set up your account to be displayed as offline for the whole day - hover the mouse over the blue line and click on the garbage bin. You can add a new time frame again by clicking on the + button in the same place later on.

Please remember that if you would like to be seen online within your Operating Hours - your Tidio panel needs to be opened up or, in the case of the mobile app - running in the background.


Please, be aware that each operator needs to set their schedule individually, so if you wish to have a company-wide schedule, you’ll need to make sure each person has their hours set.

You won’t receive notifications in your Tidio panel when you are offline. You can only receive Offline Email Notifications if you are not available to chat with your visitors.


This Tidio user works from 9 am to 5 pm every working day of the week, and after his work, he likes to spend some quality time with his family.


Offline Email Notifications 

To receive email notifications while logged out or set to Offline in your Tidio panel, go to Settings > Notifications section. 

To enable the offline email notifications - make sure the box under the email column is checked for new messages. The new chat request box is checked automatically to ensure you will receive both - the new chat request messages and messages from the conversations you're assigned to.

The email notifications are always sent to the email address you used to create a Tidio account. If would like to add an additional email to keep receiving emails to another personal email address - enable the Forward email notification option and add another email manually.

How do Offline notifications work? 

The email notifications work only for the Unassigned conversation for at least 5 minutes. You'll receive a notification to your specified email address 5 minutes after the last message from a visitor was received. The email notification won't be sent if you switch your status to online or pick up a conversation before the 5-minute mark. 

The notification email includes visitor data and their chat message to you; you can reply to their message by simply responding to that email notification or logging into your chat panel and answering from there.

The 5 minutes delay has been added to ensure each message is included in the notification you receive. It's very common for visitors to send their inquiries in multiple chat messages instead of a single message.  

If the notification were sent immediately after the first message, you might have lots of emails about conversations containing only “hello” or something similar. With the five-minute delay, you'll have the complete picture of the customer's issue, and you'll be able to react immediately.

Hide Widget When You Are Offline 

If you don't want to receive messages when you are unavailable, you can hide the widget entirely. To hide the widget, go to Settings > Channels > Live Chat > Appearance and make sure the toggle next to the Display the Chat When You're Offline is turned off 


If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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