Download Tidio Desktop App
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Download Tidio Desktop App

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If you want to download and install the Tidio desktop, we explain how to do that for Microsoft and Mac OS computers.

In this article, you'll learn:

Download the desktop app

To log into your desktop app, you'll need to have a registered Tidio account. To create one, please follow our Getting Started with Tidio article. If you already have an account, keep reading. 

You can download the desktop app in the Settings > Desktop & Mobile section of your Tidio panel. The section is placed at the bottom of the Settings menu, so, you may need to scroll a little down. Click on the Download for Windows, Linus, or macOS button to download the desktop app. 


Install Tidio on Windows 

To download the Tidio desktop app on Windows, follow the instruction below. 

  1. Hit Download

    Hit the download button to download the Tidio app on your computer

  2. Download the .exe file and open it. 

    If you can't see it, it should be saved in your Downloads folder by default:
    Where *username* is the profile's name, you're logged into on your PC.

  3. Follow the instructions to install the app. 

     It might ask you for administrator's permissions - if it does, hit yes and continue.

  4. Log into your account 

    Now, you are ready to chat with your customers.

Please, keep in mind that hitting the x button will close the app entirely rather than minimize it. If you like to hide it and keep receiving notifications, press the button.

Install Tidio on Mac OS x 

Once you download the Tidio desktop app, it will show as the .dmg file on your computer. 

Please open it and drag the Tidio icon into your Applications folder.


In some cases, information about unidentified developers may appear. Please look into our Troubleshooting macOS desktop app article to move forward with the installation. 


You can also go directly to Settings > Security & Privacy settings on your macOS computer and click Open Anyway. Now, try to install the desktop app again. 

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Log into your account - and that's it! You are ready to chat with your customers. You can hit the x button to minimize the app and keep it online in the dock. 

See recent chat messages in the desktop app

When your computer goes into sleeping mode, you may not see the most recent messages in the Tidio desktop app. The app disconnects from the server when the computer is switched off or put to sleep. To see all the recent messages inside the desktop app, click on the desktop app settings button on Mac or right mouse click on Windows and choose clear storage.

That step will ensure you see the most recent messages inside your Tidio desktop app.

Extend the Windows 10 Notifications

To configure the amount of time notifications display on the screen in Windows 10, go to Settings > Ease of Access on your computer. 


Click Other Options and select how long you want the notifications to be shown. You can choose anywhere from five seconds up to five minutes.

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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