Delete an Account
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Delete an Account

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If you wish to delete your Tidio account or pause it temporarily to come back to it at a more suitable time, we explain how to do that in this article. 

In this article, you'll learn: 

Pause Tidio paid account

Cancel paid subscription

To pause the Tidio account, you'll need to cancel the Tidio paid subscription and hide the chat widget on your website. You will be able to come back to Tidio at a more suitable time. 

To cancel your paid subscription, please head over to the Settings > project & billing  > billing and click Cancel to stop further billing and downgrade your subscription to a Basic account.


Hide the widget

When the subscription is canceled, you can hide the chat widget on your website by heading over to the Settings > Channels > Live Chat > Appearance > Widget Settings > Chat Visibility sectionBy choosing the option hide, visitors will no longer see the Tidio chat widget displayed on your website. 

To show Tidio on your website again, choose the option where you would like to show Tidio, such as; desktop & mobile, mobile, or just desktop.

Delete Tidio account

Before you delete your Tidio account, you'll need to make sure that:


To entirely delete your Tidio account, you need to be a project owner of the account. To continue with the deletion procedure, head over to the Settings > Project & Billing > Preferences section, where you'll see a red delete project button. 


 By clicking on the delete project button, you'll delete the whole project from our database, together with the operators.

If the operators were added only to this one deleted project, their accounts will be entirely deleted from our system, together with the project owner account. 

However, If the operators were added to more than one Tidio project, their accounts will not be deleted. Their accounts will be only deleted / unattached from the deleted project.


Please remember that if you wish to delete all the data from our database - you need to make sure you deleted all the Tidio projects you have created. 

If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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