Customize Tidio Widget on Wix
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Customize Tidio Widget on Wix

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See how to customize the Tidio chat widget that is installed on the Wix-based website. The customization process of the chat widget on WIX-based sites differs from the customization of the standard Tidio chat widget, as some of the settings you can access through the Wix editor. 

In this article, you'll learn:

Editing panel

The widget can be customized via the Wix Editor. To access the options for it, please go to the Wix Editor, click on the widget, and press the Settings button above it.

You can access the settings of Tidio chat via the Wix website editor

The main section allows you to open the chat admin panel (also called the Dashboard), through which you’ll be able to go online and answer any incoming messages.

You can enter the Tidio dashboard through the main section of the Tidio settings at WIX


Layout settings

The View mode option allows you to set the preview to show how the widget will look when it’s closed (minimized) or opened (clicked on).

You can choose the view mode of the opened or closed chat


The chat has 2 distinct themes: Modern and Business, which can also have a custom color set just below them. You can also select the location in which the widget will appear on your live website.

Choose the theme of your chat widget between the modern and business themes


Adjust the Settings

Here you can set the global picture which will display itself in the widget before the conversation starts. We recommend you upload your company logo here.

In the settings section, you can upload your logo as well as change your offline message and status


At the bottom, you can set the messages that will be communicated to your customers when you’re not available in the chat. 

You can change the offline message in the 'settings' section 


Edit the widget texts

In this section, you can modify your status, the label that’s displayed at the top of the widget, and the text appearing on the mobile button.

Edit the text visible in the Tidio chat widget in the 'Texts' section


If you wish to change more texts in the widget or set it to appear in different languages, please use the Translations tool from the chat admin panel. 

Mobile settings

In order to add a mobile widget through Wix, follow the steps below:

Once Tidio is installed on your Wix site, select the widget in the Wix dashboard and go to Settings.

Access Mobile settings through the Wix editor


 Open the Mobile Widget option in your Tidio app menu. Then, just select the pages you want to add the widget to. The Mobile-only pop-up will appear.

Choose where would you like the mobile pop-up to appear


Choose Edit Mobile View in the Wix mobile editor.

You can choose the editing view where you can preview mobile and desktop version of the chat widget


In this section, you can decide where the widget should be located. 

You can also edit the mobile widget size so that it suits your needs best. In order to change the size, you should drag the widget’s edge around the page.

Mobile version of the Tidio chat widget


It’s also possible to adjust the default text of the mobile widget. Simply go to widget settings in your Wix editor, then choose the Texts section and edit the Mobile button field. We suggest using less than 50 characters.   

Adjust the mobile button label text in the 'texts' section of the settings


Do not forget to save & publish the changes!

Click on the 'save' button to save the changes and later, on the 'publish' button to show your Tidio chat widget to the world!


That’s it! Tidio Chat will now be visible for all visitors on your Wix mobile site. 

Pre-Chat Survey 

This option allows you to enable a Pre-Chat Survey.  It will prompt your visitors to fill in a form with some of their info before they’ll be able to chat with you. The survey can ask for 4 fields in total: name, email,  phone number, and/or a GDPR consent. You can toggle which options you want to ask for.

Edit and adjust the Pre-Chat settings in the Survey section


How to upgrade your account on WIX

This option allows you to purchase the Premium version of the app, which unlocks additional features. For more information on what's available in the Premium plan, please visit the Pricing page here.

You can choose between the Free and Pro Tidio plans on the WIX platform 


If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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