Adding a New Chatbot
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Adding a New Chatbot

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At Tidio, you can add the Chatbot in two ways: using a ready template or building your own Chatbot from scratch.

In this article, you'll learn:

Also, see our video on editing the bots to learn how to use the visual chatbot editor:

Create Chatbot from Scratch

To create your own bot - click on the Add from scratch button in your Tidio Chatbots section. 

Creating a Bot manually allows you to build your scenario using nodes representing the actions for a particular moment/step in the bot's workflow. 

The bot is created on a grid that allows you to add and connect all nodes (triggers, conditions, and actions). It's a place where you create your chatbot's "map" or a "workflow." Simply said - a chain of events that can take place on the visitor's side. It is also known as a chatbot decision tree.

Add Chatbot template 

In the Chatbots Template section, you can browse the templates based on the goal you want to achieve. You can pick a chatbot from the following categories:

  • Increase Sales
  • Generate Leads
  • Solve Problems

To view the templates from those categories or all - navigate the Chatbots menu on the left side.

When you find a template you would like to use, you can test it out - hover the mouse over the chosen bot and click on the Test it out button. When you decide to add the template to your bots, click the Customize & Add button.

When you choose a template, you'll enter the Chatbots editing panel. That will allow you to define the text shown to the visitors. If you select one of the Shopify-specific Bots, the system will ask to connect the Bot with your Shopify store.


Please note that some of the pre-made Chatbots are available on Shopify only.

Wondering if chatbots are for you?  Check the 10 reasons you need a chatbot: the business case for bots.

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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