Contacts Section
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Contacts Section

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The contact list allows you to browse and export contacts created on chat, filter them and customize the list based on various properties. This feature is available on all plans, including the free, Basic one.

In this article, you'll learn:

A view of the Contacts section in the Tidio panel 


Take a look at our article, where we explain how to generate leads online for every business to learn more about the contact list. 

Customize results and add filters

You can select all the properties you wish to see on the list in the Customise field. In the example below, the Created at property is set to appear on the list. You can select as many properties as you need.

Filters allow you to narrow down the results so you can contact just the right customers. Let's say you want to reach only the customers from Poland.

 To do that, click the "Add filter" button, then select the Country property and type in 'Poland' in the 'is' condition. The system is now looking for contacts where "Country is Poland."

As you can see, the list shows the filtered contacts:

 You can add another filter to the current results to further reduce the results. 

Export contacts

Select the contacts you wish to export, then hit the Export button. You will see a window notifying you that the list is being generated.

Once you see this information, you're ready to download the file. Click the link to download it. 

Here it is - a CSV file with all your exported contacts and their properties! You can upload it to a CRM, e.g., Agile CRM, or create a Mailing list, e.g., in Mailchimp.

You can also upload the CSV file to an Excel file or a Google Sheet to further edit them. 

Contact Properties

  • ID - The ID of the conversation. It links directly to a conversation when you paste the ID to this URL format -, or when you click the envelope icon.

  • Name - The name of the visitor from the pre-chat survey or the lead generation bot. It may be filled in with the email address if you only ask for a visitor's email.

  • Email - The email address collected from the lead generation bot or the pre-chat survey.

  • Last seen - This property shows the last timestamp a visitor was active.

  • Created at - The time of the creation of this visitor, usually the first time they visit your website.

  • Conversation rating - The rating a visitor left after the chat.

  • Browser language - The language set in the visitor's browser. It affects the language your widget is displayed in.

  • City - The city the visitor is coming from, based on the IP address. It May not be accurate depending on ISP.

  • Country - The country of the visitor, based on the IP address. It May not be accurate depending on ISP.

  • Phone - The phone number is coming from the pre-chat survey or the lead generation bot.

  • Tags - Tags assigned manually to a visitor in the conversation or automatically using the "Add a Tag" action in Automation + Bots

  • Browser - The browser from which the visitor is writing to you.

  • Browser version - The version of the browser

  • OS - The OS from which the visitor is writing to you, e.g., Windows.

Sending contacts to Shopify

Data such as phone number, first name, last name, email & marketing consent are automatically transferred to the Shopify contact list if they were collected through the pre-chat survey or the chatbot and are saved as contact properties. 

Please make sure your Tidio account is integrated with Shopify. You can reintegrate your Shopify account with Tidio by using the special action design for Shopify users inside the Visual Chatbots editor. 

You can also disable the option of sending the data to Shopify by heading over to the contacts section in Tidio and making sure the toggle next to "Send Contacts to Shopify" in the left bottom part of the panel is turned off.

If you still have some questions after reading this article, don't hesitate to contact us.

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